A San Filippo del Mela, in the sunny province of Messina, there is a company that, as the island that hosts her, the Sicily, it's a real happy island of the greatest Made in Italy. Born in 2009 by the union between the forty-year experience in making shirts of the founder with the fresh enthusiasm of the new generation, La Morandi today is a headlight and a stronghold in the area of shirts for men, women and children, all made by artisans of excellence that have just one goal: achieving  the perfection that is not a fantasy as demonstrated by the creations of this extraordinary italian company. Have a Sicilian origin adds a warm and mediterranean touch that makes the difference because there is no man equal to another, so the same when we talk about highly skilled craftsman.

Their golden hands are unique worldwide and enclose technique and passion because only with both you can go far, you know. So La Morandi has full sail in this third millennium so plenty of spectacular news that rely on a solid and important tradition, perfectly able to dictate the route. Design and experimentation of cuts and silhouettes joined today to a heritage and a Know-how gained in years of activity where absolutely sublime is the production of shirts made to measure, a sector quite close to haute couture because every step of the production is quite artisanal and every creation is absolutely unique and personal, realized with love and masterfully to satisfy evry desire of the cliet that faithfukky relies on a team of great professionals to wear something that was created exclusively for him and that no one else in the world will never have equal.

The value of uniqueness, together with that of a sublime and masterful savoir faire, allow La Morandi of excelling in this area of clothing where there are so many competitors, but who understand the value of an authentic masterpiece will never settle for the draft of his desire because when he wear it he will not feel so good and even himself. The welld one shirts reaized by La Morandi are ideated for people that love themself because it means also enjoy the luxury of wearing something that reflects the best part and most real of us.

In these last years La Morandi specialized itself in the manufactoring of women’s clothes on measure, thanks a stylish office able to create items characterized by a fresh and contemporary and, at the same time, classy and ladylike allure, realized, just like the shirts and the refined ceremony shirts, with hugh quality fabrics signed by Canclini, Grandi & Rubinelli,TESTA and Monti, made of all natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk and especially natural dyed.

Thus La Morandi embraces not only the philosophy of Beauty and Well Done so typical of the greatest Made in Italy, but also the respect of the environment, together high tailoring and flawless craftsmanship. It's a really rare combination to find in just one company, a four aces absolutely extraordinary.

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